teachin' school

teaching tip 20. how to be effective but still be yourself.

it is a fine balance between staying true to you and being an effective teacher.  not everyone can be the “fun teacher”.  nine times out of ten, that teacher is not really doing a good job from the inside.  but there is the rare amazing teacher that is so charismatic that he just puts a spell over his kids, opens up their brains, and brings out the best in them.

for the rest of us, we must figure out how to bring our personalities to the table.  some teachers are sweet, some are really strict, and some are completely sarcastic like me.  you have to be careful to build up to who you really are.  if i said some of the things i say to my kids a few months into school during the first week, they’d hate me.  i know to lay a good solid foundation first and then start to reveal who i really am.

but we must also create a structured and safe environment.  a good start to the year is crucial.  being consistent is also very important.

i’m not saying you should lie about who you really are.  just be careful how you reveal yourself to your students.  they need to be able to trust you.  they also need to laugh with you and connect with you in some way.  the balance will come to you.  it may take a few tries at it though.  be patient.  with a few years under your belt, you’ll know what is best for you and the kids.

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