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WOW – update on my workout schedule

during the summer time, my schedule was W I D E  O P E N.  i could work out whenever during the day and not have to worry about it.  i created a weekly schedule for myself just to make sure that i knew what to do each day.

but now that i’m a couple months into school, it is becoming harder to stick to a specific schedule.  there’s always some kind of complication that comes up during the week.  i still want to have some kind of plan though.  i can’t go into the week without one.  otherwise i slack off.  i need the structure of a plan.

i’m still using my dry erase board on my fridge to keep track of my health info.  it’s easy to see everything and change it when needed.  i used to keep track of my food on the right, but i’m changing it up.  i’m going to start using my Lose It! app again for a little while to get me back on track.  i’ve been slacking off lately and need some straight-up accountability for awhile.  so since i’m using the app, i use the space on the right to reflect at the end of the day on how i did.  that way i can look back and see my wins and losses.


every monday is sHIIT.  it’s about 30 minutes.  (i got a little off this week due to a very busy weekend in dallas.)

tuesdays are either kickboxing or strength workouts.

wednesdays are kickboxing or strength (whatever i didn’t do on tuesday).

every thursday is something different like a barre workout, pilates, yoga, or some kind of toning.  this day is not as challenging as other days because i need a day in there to give my body a little bit of a break.

fridays are usually one of my rest days because of football games, the possibility of happy hour, or the fact that i’m worn out from the school week.

saturdays and sundays are strength and kickboxing.  sometimes i mix it up with something unconventional like fun jump or a hike.


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