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10.18 – H54F!

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(ONE)  here’s a funny story to start y’all off with…  on tuesday morning, i was using my lint roller and was about to leave for school.  i heard my fat cat luca growling in a really weird tone.  i went to check on him because i though he was hurt or something.  i found him all puffed up by my big window that leads to the deck of my apartment.  i knelt down and picked him up to see if he was okay.  then BAM!  a neighbor’s cat body slammed the glass.  i fell back on my butt with luca in my arms.  we were both stunned for a second.  i started laughing and pet luca until he purred and so his fur would go back down.  needless to say, i had to use my lint roller again…

(2)  both my workouts and food were pretty good this week, but not where i want them to be.  i skipped monday and thursday.  i am determined to get back on track!  i won’t make my october goal, but i’m going to set a new one and meet that one.

(three)  the state fair trip was a success!  i got to do all the things that i wanted to except for the cory morrow concert.  i couldn’t help that i missed it… i got distracted by the baby animals!   i did make it to the turnpike troubadours concert.  oh how i love them!  here’s a recap of the trip if you’re interested.

(4)  my government students were working on a political ad for part of this week.  they had to create an ad for governor of texas and specifically show propaganda techniques.  i whipped up these notes for a tv commercial for the reelection campaign for “governor good-hair” to show them an example.  i couldn’t help but make fun of my governor.  (he’s not my favorite person for several reasons.)  it turned out pretty cute! 🙂


(FIVE)  finally got a haircut!  i always wait to long…  you know when a dog gets a bath and then afterwards gets so excited and can’t stop shaking his hair?  that was totally me after this haircut.  i took off four inches to make it up around my chin.  i don’t know why i’m always scared to cut it when i love it shorter.

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