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just look at it.
move on.

be awesome.

i ran across this video the other day.  i’ve probably watched it five times.  the first time, i cried and i laughed.  i needed to hear those words.

my self-image has been in the crapper lately.  i’ve never been called “beautiful” by anyone that i can remember besides my mother and my aunt.  they tell me often enough.  but it’s just not something that i hear.  “cute” – i’ve got that down.  but “beautiful”?  not sure if i’ll ever get there.

but i thought i was doing really well with my confidence until about a month ago.  it’s just gone down hill since then.  and there’s really no reason why.  i’ve made some unhealthy decisions lately, yeah.  but nothing monumental.  my TOM always puts a hitch in my giddy-up, but i usually get over it pretty quickly.  there’s personal stuff going on, but that’s nothing new or extraordinary.

so why do we get like this?  why do we need to be reminded to accept ourselves as we are?  because we’re women.  that’s what we do.

but i really like Fit Mama‘s mantra for herself.  you acknowledge your insecurities.  but then, you move on.  you look at the good stuff and acknowledge those things instead.  it may take me awhile to get to her level, but i’m going to try to do it.

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