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10.25 – high five for FRIDAY!

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this week has been an emotional mess, but it’s looking up and there were still some good things that happened….

(ONE)  first of all, this video is so adorable!

(2)  my food was excellent this week.  my workouts were strained.  i wasn’t really into it.  i did it.  but i didn’t enjoy it.  it took me until thursday to feel good about a workout.  hopefully next week is better.

(three)  my pre-ap history class can make me laugh at the stupidest things.  this week, it was a phrase from a video about the fall of the roman empire we were watching.  the person being interviewed said “they brought back booty from abroad.”  i had to stop the video they were laughing so much.  i tried to be stern, but i ended up cracking and laughing too.  they also laughed when i said “duties of the emperor“.  those funny little immature kids bring a smile to my face.  they brought me this cute little pumpkin with their signature on it too.


(4)  this guy loves to cuddle (on his own schedule, of course).  i always lay on my bed for a few minutes to go over stuff on my phone when i get home from school.  and luca always comes for a quick cuddle.  but when he’s done, he’s done!


(FIVE)  i’ve already started thinking about thanksgiving.  i already made a new wreath this week.  luckily, my family lets me make most of the sides and desserts for the holiday meal.  i like to do varieties on classics.  i just got my new Southern Living magazine and lo and behold there’s a new pecan pie on the front.  salted-caramel chocolate pecan pie?  yes, please.


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 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png


5 thoughts on “10.25 – high five for FRIDAY!

  1. Haha cute story of your class – sounds like you’re a fun teacher :). And don’t be discouraged about not feeling it while exercising – at least you’re doing it! Which is more than I can say for myself. Found you at H45F!

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