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10 things…i’m reading

1.  poisonwood bible – i’m re-reading it…for like the tenth time.  i just love it so much.  i get something different out of it every time i read it, which is about once a year.

2.  nerky’s blog – she just cracks me up.  she lost all this weight.  and now she tore her acl.  she’s pissed about it, but she’s working through it.  she is brutally honest and hilarious about EVERYTHING.

3.  twitter – i just recently jumped on the bandwagon.  i have been on facebook since the beginning, which was 2005.  but i saw some teachers using twitter recently and thought i’d give it a whirl.  i’m not totally into it just yet.  right now, i’m using it to connect with ed tech leaders.  i’m also not sure if i should have a professional and personal one.  i don’t want to separate them, but i might need to… you can follow me @tattooedintexas

4.  real simple – there’s some new recipes coming out!  love fall food and fashions.  the colors and flavors are unique and beautiful.

5.  my pre-ap world history textbook for my class – i need to brush up fo sho.  it’s a TON of info.  it’s the history of the world after all.

6.  new posts on the new iPad 5 and surface tablets – a part of my job is staying up to date on tech stuff that teachers can use.

7.  the storyline blog – one of my favorite blogs by one of my favorite authors.  it is a christian blog without being preachy.  most of the posts are by donald miller, but there are guest bloggers too.

8. my students’ papers – grading papers is definitely the worst part of my job but it’s necessary to give them feedback.

9.  my bloglovin’ list – have a huge variety of blogs on there so i never know what i’m going to get each day.  follow me here.

10.  zen pencils – a comic artist takes a quote each week and turns it into a completely amazing comic.  here’s one of my new favorites: sylvia plath’s the fig tree.

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