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11.1 – H54F!

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(ONE)  my workouts were right on point this week!  and my meal planning helped me stay on track with my calories.  i’m only counting during the week and fruits/veggies are free.  next week, i’m going “clean”.  this week was a test run.  it went pretty well!  i might want to kill myself by the end of it, but i’m going to try two weeks of clean eating.   eek!

(2)  a great week at school.  it wasn’t without it’s challenges, but there were tons of funny moments.  my poor little pumpkin is getting a little mushy so i’m throwing it away today.  i’m a little sad about it. 🙂

(three)  this video…”top 10 reasons i became a teacher” from the letterman show.  i also teach for the #5 reason on this list.  🙂

(4)  new sneaks!  i was drawn to them because of the colors.  love that color of blue-green and the yellow too.  then, turns out that they fit my feel perfectly and are super comfy.  score!  they’ll be good for the cross training that i do.


(FIVE)  we didn’t get our time wednesday, so it was good meet up with my cousin on last friday and this wednesday.  she’s starting to get healthy again too so we had some great conversations about our anxiety and just life in general over lunch at an amazing pizza place.  yea for a random early release!  then, on wednesday, we drank apricot ale and watched “modern family” and “nashville”.  our moms are best friends so i’m so grateful that we’re making time for our relationship too.

BONUS! it was national cat day this week! my furbabies got some extra attention and treats!

link up with jennie or lindsey and of course…the lovely lauren at for H54F!

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 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

3 thoughts on “11.1 – H54F!

  1. That’s great that you got to spend some time with your cousin, and staying consistent with your health goals is a great way to feel good! I was doing great with exercise for a few weeks but then this week I got sick and of course I use that as an excuse to be a slacker…

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