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10 things…every high school girl should know

(i’ve been working with teenagers for almost ten years and i used to be one.  this is a short list, but these are definitley things that i’ve said to some of the girls that have come to talk to me.)

1. your parents won’t always be supportive of your decisions.  and you won’t always support theirs.  but remember, they’re not JUST your parents.  they’re people too.
2.  acne doesn’t just go away because you’re in your twenties or thirties.  (don’t be surprised when that crap follows you and shows up when you least expect it.)
3.  your metabolism will slow down as you get older.  learn healthy habits now.  you’ll save yourself some grief down the road.
4.  a lot of people in this world are selfish and mean.  you’ll meet some of them.  try not to take it too personally.  what they say or do says more about them than it does about you.
5.  when you drink, you’ll most likely make some bad decisions.  be careful.  hangovers are real, both the emotional and physical ones.
6.  read, read, and read some more.  you’ll learn SO much about yourself.
7. as tim gunn says, “just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.”  skinny jeans aren’t for everyone.  they’re called that for a reason.  and also leggings are not pants.
8.  buying trendy clothes all the time is expensive.  find your “personal style” and stick with it.  little trendy updates are easier on your wallet than a new wardrobe each season.
9.  you’ll probably lose your BFF.  you’ll be sad about it for awhile.  but you’ll find another one that fits you better hopefully in the future.
10.  don’t rush growing up.  and don’t take yourself too damn seriously.  have fun before those pesky responsibilities come popping up.

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