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veterans day

we often forget about veterans until that special day on the calendar.  they never complain.  they are always proud.

but many of them struggle with life after their military service.  both my granddad (mama’s dad) and granddaddy (daddy’s dad) served.  they didn’t talk about it.  i never asked my granddad about his navy service during world war II.  i didn’t get the chance to pick his brain about it before i lost him to cancer when i was 11.  my granddaddy just recently opened up to me on my trip with my grandparents to new mexico this summer.  he served during korea.  luckily (i guess, i can say luckily), my dad and uncles never had to experience war first hand.

but there are many, many men who volunteer for it or make it their career.  they’re definitely under appreciated.

i know that i’ve discussed how my outward  appearance changes has affected my inward thoughts and feelings.  this video is an example of how that can help.  it doesn’t fix everything, but it can be a catalyst to future life changes.  the video made me tear up, especially when he saw himself for the first time.

so thank you to all the veterans out there.  even though we don’t say it enough… thank you.  you are important.  you are brave.  you are appreciated.


2 thoughts on “veterans day

  1. I love this post – thankyou to all who service both here in the UK and the US I have two friends who suffer from PTSD since their active duty in Iraq and Afghan and it breaks my heart knowing what they are going through.
    Seeing what our men and women go through out there and what happens to some unlucky ones when they get home makes me even more determined to make sure I do what I can to help.

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