healthy living

WOW – i’m figuring it out…slowly.

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

well, the weekend wasn’t great with my food.  i was a little hungover on saturday, to be honest.  and the weather started changing.  my head was pounding.  a little aleve and a lot of sleep helped.  so saturday was a complete waste.  but sunday was better.  i went food shopping for the week.  more of the same from last week… grilled chicken, veggies, fruit, brown rice, a little greek yogurt and kefir, fish, almonds, eggs, etc.  so “mostly clean”.  i just can’t bring myself to go full paleo.  no offense to anyone who does it and i know it has a lot of health benefits, but i just don’t think it’s my thing.  i like dairy.  a fresh glass of organic milk is so delicious.  and i’m so not against some yogurt and cheese every once in awhile.

so anyway… sunday’s workout was great and i got back on track with my food.   i tried that fitness blender one from last saturday.  i just love that workout.  the segments are just short enough to keep me interested but long enough to really push me.

i think i’ve grown to actually like fitness blender more now.  i think it’s because i figured out that i could just play music from my iTunes in the background while the workout is playing too.  i don’t know why it took me so long to figure that out.  i NEED my tunes.  (or someone yelling at me like jillian michaels.)  both work in their own way.  the guy that narrates the fitness blender videos, his voice is just so…soothing.  i can’t handle that.  it makes me want to turn it off.  but with eminem or pitbull in the background…that works!

i tried this video this week.  can we say “brutal”?  but it’s a good one!


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