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10 things…i’m listening to

1.  “the giving tree” by the plain white t’s.  oh my gosh.  i freaking love this song.  i’ve been planning a giving tree tattoo for years now because i love the book that much.

2.  songs from the “nashville” soundtrack.  i can’t get enough of their music.  and those two sisters are incredible.  i’ll buy anything they record.

3.  “stuff you missed in history class” podcast.  yeah, i’m a nerd.  i own it.  this is one of my favorite podcasts.

4.  my workout youtube videos – i don’t usually have to see it to know what to do anymore.  i definitely have my favorite videos now.

5.  “wake me up” by avicii – i’m pretty sure i listened to this song at least once every day last week.

6.  my kitty luca’s purring – it’s getting cooler in texas.  that equals more cuddle time.

7.  “timber” by pitbull and kesha – i can’t explain my secret obsession with pitbull.  it just happened sometime last year.  i’m not fighting it.

8.  gavin degraw’s new album, “make a move”.  i’ve loved him since i heard his first album when i was in college.  each one is different.  he’s just a great singer-songwriter.

9.  jillian michael’s podcast.  she’s motivating, but she doesn’t baby you.  she also covers a ton of topics.  yeah, it may not be all about fitness.  but i think that’s a good thing.  she’s talking about taking care of all parts of a person, mind, body, and soul.

10.  my local college radio station – it has some really weird hours on the weekends.  but the mornings are great.  i always hear some new independent and/or new music.

4 thoughts on “10 things…i’m listening to

  1. Just wanted to let you know we are apparently sharing one brain because my kids and I have been playing Timber on repeat for the last week. This leads to everyone in our house saying it’s going down and someone else announcing they’re yelling timber! And when the kids aren’t in the car I play Wake Me Up.

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