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(ONE)  my workouts and food were pretty fantastic this week.  planning has made a big difference.  i’m motivated right now by what’s happening day to day.  i feel good.  i want to continue that.  i still haven’t lost a pound in months but i know i’m gaining muscle, eating right (most of the time), and feel good.  that’s all that matters to me right now.

(2)  i freaking love birchbox.  i’ve never ordered anything from their site…yet.  the products are pretty high end.  but i absolutely love getting the box each month and trying out things i could never afford in real life.  it’s like a little gift to myself each month.  this month’s box was especially good.  if you want to learn more about birchbox, click here.



(three)  during my pre-ap world history class this week, we were studying the middle ages.  i came up with a good writing prompt: assign a shade between black and white for how “dark” the “dark ages” were in europe during the middle ages.  i went to the store and stole some paint samples took a bunch of free samples and showed them to the kids so they could choose one as their inspiration.  i had them all fanned out in my hands when i was explaining the assignment.  i told them “there’s a lot of choices here.  pick the right color for you.  i mean, there’s probably 30 or 40 shades here.”  one of the kids said, “you think there’s maybe 50 there?”  i replied, “yeah, i think so.”  so he then asked, “so you’re holding 50 shades of gray?”  of course, we all started laughing.  i had to add a little “oh, geez…eww” in there too.

(4)  we all know i love cats.  especially big cats.  if i could have a totally tame tiger or lion, i would.  the video below is adorbs.  it reminded me of two summers ago  at the denver county fair when i got to hold a baby tiger.  (i hate this picture because i see some of the physical imperfections that i’ve been working at getting rid of, but it was still a great memory so i have to share it.)


(FIVE)  i got evaluated by my principal this week.  it’s like the most nerve-wracking thing ever.  you’re judged on one single class period and it counts for the entire year.  not that i want more than one!!!  i’m just happy to have that over with. it takes some pressure off for sure.  i feel pretty good about it…there was discussion, primary sources, technology, total participation, humor, etc.  i’ll get my results early next week.  fingers crossed!

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 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

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  1. Stopping by from H54F! So glad I stumbled across your blog again – It’s been over a year since I got my last birchbox. I paused my subscription when I moved and never picked it up again. I might have to do that soon since everyone is talking about how good they have been lately!!!

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