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teaching tip 25. take your vitamins and go to the doc.

you will get sick.

even the most healthy teacher is brought to her knees during the first couple years of teaching.

blame the kids.  it’s totally their fault.  no matter their age, their germy fingers touch everything.  no amount of purell will save you from a cold, strep, or the flu.

plus, you’re working harder than you ever have before.  you’re going to be tired.  add all that up and your immune system will be compromised.

so here’s my advice.  it’s pretty simple…

take your multivitamin and any other vitamin you deem necessary.  i also take a B12 and vitamin C when i feel a little tired and/or stuffy.  get a flu shot if you want to.  if you really think you’re getting sick, don’t suck it up and trudge forward.  go to the freaking doctor!  you’re only going to get worse.  and if you’re contagious, you’re putting your kids and other teachers at risk of getting sick too.  so go to the doctor!  get yourself the good stuff and take a day off.  

i think in the beginning, we want to be strong and push through, to prove ourselves against the veteran teachers.  i made that mistake a few times.  and you know what happened?  i ended up crying, wiping snot off my face, and coughing uncontrollably as i tried to explain to my bewildered principal why i didn’t just call in and stay home.

trust me, it’s not worth it.  take a day off or two and get well.  you’ll feel better while you’re gone and you’ll be even better when you get back to school.  you won’t be seen as weak.  you’ll be seen as smart.

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