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10 things … I do to de-stress

1. foam rolling – i just recently got into this.  yeah, it hurts sometimes, but it also makes me feel so much better afterwards.

2. buying shoes – oh how i love shoes…  my feet hate shoes, but i love them.  i will sacrifice my feet for the ego boost and

3.  hiking – getting back to nature is a great way for me to put the world to the side for a little bit and just focus on the basics.

4.  Fun Jump – it’s a room full of trampolines.  what’s not to love?

5.  coffee – i don’t buy coffee every day.  i make myself a cup at home each weekday morning.  it’s a special, delicious thing for me to go get a cup of expensive coffee.  i enjoy every sip.

6.  talking to my mama on the phone – we see each other about four to five times a year but talk on the phone about every other day.  i’m glad that our relationship has changed in the past ten years to become more of a friendship.  the teenage years were rough on us, but we came out on the other side entirely better.

7.  going to the movies  – another thing i don’t do very often.  i like to get a big diet coke (which i never drink anywhere else) and some sour gummy worms.

8.  massage or pedicure – it’s a treat to get a massage or a pedicure, but i love to do it.  it’s some pampering that is much needed sometimes.

9.  listening to live music – luckily, my town has some great dive bars that showcase great texas country bands.  i’ve seen quite a few acts here that have gone on to make it big.  a pitcher of shiner beer, some great friends, and a new band is just fun.

10.  reading – i usually read a chapter or so before bed every night.  i still love books, but having a kindle is awesome.  i have my books on my kindle and then if i want to read for a little bit at school, i have my kindle app on my iPad.

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