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WOW – don’t lose your inner child. she’s usually pretty fun.

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

fun jump.

i’ve talked about it before and i’m sure people think that it’s cray-cray.  that’s okay with me because i know it’s just because they haven’t experienced it yet.  it makes me feel like a kid again.  i forget that i’m working out.  well, maybe not during the sprints, but when i’m jumping, it’s all fun.  if you can get some actually kids there with you, it’s a blast.

this past saturday, we made up a game when we happened across a volleyball.  the game became known as volley-soccer-bouncy-ball.  it was a merge of volleyball and soccer while bouncing continuously.  doesn’t sound that hard?  try it.  it’s insane.  i never stopped moving.  you never knew where the ball was going because the ball and the people in the game were moving continuously.  you had to really think about what you were doing the whole time.  we played for about thirty minutes.  by the end, i was dripping in sweat.

at Fun Jump. this little kid totally photo-bombed me, but you can see what the place is like in the background.

we also did several rounds of sprints on the strip of gymnastic floor.  it’s cushioned so it’s comfortable to run on even though my left knee and hip have been giving me trouble lately.  then, we did different kinds of jumps in five minute increments for a total of 30 minutes.  certain jumps work different muscles.  you feel it like crazy the next day.  i like to go about once a month or so.


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