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how blogging pulled me in

i was shocked yesterday when i was scrolling through my bloglovin’ list and started reading skinny meg‘s post.  i’ve been reading her blog for over a year now.  i respect what she’s gone through and the way she handles everything with grace and humor.   i have been participating in her “workout wednesday” post regularly for a few weeks.  i’m not even sure if i’m following the rules.  (are there rules?)  each wednesday, i post a workout i like and/or just give feedback on how things are going with my healthy eating and fitness.

so on her post yesterday, i caught a glimpse of my sweaty and worn out self.  i did a double take.  i realized that it was one of my instagram pics.   y’all, her blog is followed by literally thousands of people!  they just saw me with no make-up!  whatever…  i didn’t care anymore.  i was on her post!   i guess she had followed my link from her page last week to see what i had written.  i had posted a fitness blender workout i had tried and liked.  i also wrote about some struggles with my mostly clean eating lately.  just my usual ramblings…

i’m honored to be featured in her post.  not many people read my little blog.  yesterday, i got over 500 views from eight countries.  that’s insane to me.  usually, i get anywhere from 5 to 50 per day.  but over 500?  i probably got more in one day that i get in an average month. craziness.  seeing the statistics of all the people that took the time to look at what i’ve been writing about got me thinking about why i started blogging to begin with.

i started it just for me.  i was originally just going to write anonymously, kind of like an online journal.  but that didn’t last too long.  i discovered that i had too much to write about that was “personal”.  i’m not scared to share things anymore.  the good and bad are a part of life after all.  why not share it?  i’ve gotten comments along the way that have been so encouraging.  just a quick word from someone giving me advice or saying that they relate to what i’m writing makes me feel great.  and i’ve tried to do the same for other people out there in the blogging world.

it’s been good to get some things out, too.  things i bottle up because i don’t want to say them out loud.  it doesn’t seem so scary while i’m typing it.  and then when it’s over and you hit the “publish” button…it feels cathartic.  now, i don’t share everything.  i keep my workplace, town, and other things private.  i’m not really the type of person to be an open book, but i share what i want to.  and it’s been a good thing for me in more ways than one.

i never thought that i would be a regular blogger, but i’ve become one.  i recently adopted a weekly schedule.  that may seem confining, but it’s kind of nice.  mondays are for teaching tips.  wednesdays are for workout wednesday.  fridays are for high five for friday.  tuesdays and thursdays are for sharing some of the random crap that pops into my head like my 10 things lists.  so i get the organization and consistency i crave, while still getting in time for my spontaneous ideas and thoughts.

i encourage everyone to start a blog.  even if it’s just for you.  even if it’s for everyone else.  it’s an expression of who you are.  people will connect with you.  i didn’t realize that until i got into it more.  it’s a community.  of course, there’s still those nosy girls, the whiners, the bitches.  but forget them.  there’s so many supportive people like ashley from chocolate covered race metals is to me.  focus on the positive.  if you do that, you can open your eyes to all sorts of people out there just seeking, like you, to connect.

4 thoughts on “how blogging pulled me in

  1. I found you through SkinnyMeg and “caught up” on a bunch of your posts. Love your writing style. Keep it up :).

  2. That is so exciting to get featured by a big blogger! 🙂 That definitely makes for a fun day in the “blog world.” I’m glad that you’ve come to enjoy blogging so much, it’s definitely a joyful part of my life!

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