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11.22 – H54F!

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(ONE)  skinny meg featured me on her W.O.W. post this week.  WHAT?  yeah, that was my reaction.  i have never intended to get attention for my blog, so i didn’t have any good pics on my blog.  just a few from instagram.  hence, the most unflattering picture ever.  but you know what?  i had a great time that day!  i felt healthy.  i had fun.  that’s what i remember when i see that image.  so i’ll take it being on a popular blog for a day.  writing is a good thing for me, for anyone really.  i’ll keep doing it until there’s nothing left to say, which with me will be a long, LONG time from now.  🙂

whoa!  that's me on there!
whoa! that’s me on there! what?!?

(2)  i had a day off on monday to run errands.  the day didn’t turn out like i wanted it to, but it was nice to get a little break from school.  the fall has gone by so fast, and i needed to catch my breath.

(three)  my imaginary canadian boyfriend won his fight on saturday night…and by win, i mean won a controversial decision by 3 judges.  i saw the scorecard.  he did win…even if it was just barely.  i will always back him, but i understand why people are upset about it.  he might retire, he might not.  he looked a little off.  his pretty face got messed up by hendricks.   he’s also had the welterweight title for several years now.  people want someone else to have it.  anyway, it was a great fight, and i hope to see more from him.  the rest of the card fell a little flat to me, but i’m always up for watching “the fights”.  enjoy his hotness below.

my love, georges st. pierre.

(4)  i was at the doctor this week and discovered that i have gained about six pounds.  i’m not sure what has caused it.  i have been working out five times a week consistently and eating well.  maybe it’s partially muscle?  i know i’ve built some.  but i’ve been doing everything (mostly) right.  so anyway, i felt bad after the bitchy nurse called out my weight to what seemed like the entire medical office that i slipped up that afternoon and ordered some fast food.  boy, was that a mistake.  i can’t seem to learn that lesson even when my body tells me it hates it, can i?  well, i got back on track that night and have done well all week.  i guess that’s something to celebrate?!

(FIVE)  thanksgiving is next week!  i’m excited to see my parents, sister, and brother-in-law.  and of course, to COOK!

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 photo H54Fbutton-1_zpsa7aaa665.png

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