healthy living

WOW – it’s going down, i’m yelling timber!

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

i know skinny meg is not doing WOW this week, but cue the pitbull and ke$ha anyway…

you better move, you better dance

the workout below is another fitness blender one.  i’m kind of on a kick with them.  it’s working for now.  i’m sure i’ll get bored eventually and try something else, but i come back to them again and again because they’re just good balanced workouts.  although, there’s a new zumba wii game out that i think i’ll get soon.  i haven’t done that in awhile and i remember liking how doing zumba broke up the week.

let’s make a night you won’t remember

try to make your workout memorable.  go hard when you need to.  be in the moment.  i think in the past i just went through the motions of my workouts.  it’s probably the reason why i have some injuries now.  do whatever you have to do to focus. music works for me.  some mildly offensive rap preferably.

i’ll be the one you won’t forget

so don’t get me wrong.  i’m about to stuff my face tomorrow, and the next day, and probably the day after that.  i’m going to enjoy every delicious second.  but i’m going to try to keep my portions in control.  i’m going for a turkey nap rather than a turkey coma.  then i’m going to get right back on it on monday.  throughout this week, i’m going to enjoy eating and spending time with my family, but i’m also going to remember my goals.  i can’t forget what i’m working toward because then i get off-track.

this workout is a great quick wednesday workout.  it’s mainly a strength workout.  the circuits are quick and then you do 40 jumping jacks between them.  when he’s changing his weights, i just dance/move around to my music.  my heartrate is up almost the entire time due to the jumping jacks.  and the arm circuits really push me when i do them slow like he says to.  i was surprisingly sore the next day.  try it out!

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