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10 things…i’m thankful for

thankfulin no real particular order…

1.  my entire family – they’re all insane but in the best possible way.  we keep in touch better than we used to, but i hope that i can connect with all of them better in the future.  my relationship with my parents in particular is SO much better than it was ten years ago.  i’m glad that we can have fun and talk openly.  they’re always supportive of me and my decisions even when they don’t necessarily agree with them.

2.  my healthy body – although i’ve been battling some mild injuries lately, i’m pretty healthy.  i’ve only had one cold this entire fall.  (fingers crossed!)

3.  my time with my cousin, lauren – we meet each week for a couple beers and to watch “Nashville”, listen to music, or to just talk.  her husband is also one of my best friends.  he’s always got a great male perspective.

4.  music – i’ve always been super connected to music.  it heals me.  it reminds me of past events.  it makes me happy, sad, excited, and pensive.  it depends on the day and the song.

5.  God’s grace – He loves me no matter what.  He forgives me even when i can’t forgive myself.  He guides me when i have no idea where i’m headed.

6.  my job – i’m grateful that i have a job that i love.  it’s challenging and frustrating a lot of the time, but i still enjoy it.  there are people out there that hate their jobs or don’t have one at all.  i’m fortunate.

7.  cooking and baking again – i took a long break from it.  it’s just me so it didn’t seem worth it.  but i’ve missed it, and i’m enjoying doing it again.

8.  my Pre-AP class at school – they’re just a bunch of nerds who are actually interested in world history and want to please me.  it is truly a pleasure to have them in class.  there’s a couple in there that have really wormed their way into my heart.

9.  my best friend – we’ve had some tough talks and hard times in the past few months.  we’re different, but i’m learning that that’s not necessarily a bad thing all the time.  she’s my best friend,  and we’ll be okay.

10.  my friends at work – they make me laugh every day.  we work hard and play hard.  and some of them are not just friends at school.  i wouldn’t have met them if we hadn’t all been working together.  they’ve become some of my best friends.
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