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(ONE) thanksgiving break with my family.  they’re crazy, but i love them.  we only worked monday and part of tuesday.  so after some packing and organizing, i drove the four ½ hours to meet my sister and BIL at my parents’ house.  good food, good conversations, good memories.

(2)  i was walking through sephora the other day and passed by the urban decay section several times.  i’ve been thinking for a year or so about getting this naked 2 eyeshadow palette.  it’s definitely pricey, but i’m thinking of it as just a Christmas present to myself.  i also got benefit’s pore-fessional.  i’m going to love both of these.   i can just feel it.

Urban Decay Naked 2 pallette
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(three)  the hunger games: catching fire – i waited to see it because of a messy snow storm, and i knew my sister would go with me.  i reread the book this summer to be ready.  i’m going to see it today. yea!

(4)  i made three pies for this thanksgiving: salted caramel chocolate pecan pie, sour cream raisin pie, and mocha espresso cream pie.  here’s a pic of the pecan pie. Mmm…

click the pic for the “southern living” recipe i used.

(FIVE)  some people find kid president annoying.  i think he’s adorable and has a great message.

“if you can’t think of something nice to say, don’t say anything at all you’re not thinking hard enough.”  -kid president

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