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teaching tip 27. keep a journal or blog.

my first year of teaching, i kept a journal of all the funny, difficult, and crazy experiences that i had.  i wish i had kept a journal every year.  it would be interesting to compare how i changed over the years.  and boy, have there been changes!  i still remember how high my expectations were for myself and my students in the first year.  they were completely unrealistic for both me and the kids.  and i was so disappointed when it didn’t work out how i wanted it to…

it’s important to grow.  you have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going.  having a journal/blog will give you the chance to reflect on your own positives and negatives.  you will be able to see what you should keep going and what needs to be changed.

if you keep a blog, decide from the beginning whether you want it to be private or public:

if you choose to go private, do not reveal any personal information or tell anyone about it unless you trust them.  don’t worry, you will still be able to connect with people out there in the blog world.  it will just be a personal part of your life that you don’t share with people in your “real life”.

if you go for a public blog, remember to still keep your school, students, and co-workers’ info private.  some people choose to use code-names for everyone at school because that’s easier.  make sure your pictures do not reveal info or kids’ faces.

if you choose to go with a hybrid blog like me and cover all kinds of topics in your life, you still need to keep a distance.  some people at my school and in my life read my blog so i’m careful not to mention things that i wouldn’t want them to read about and not hear directly from me.  you can still be open, just be careful what you share.

the bottom line is… sharing yourself or simply writing for yourself helps you learn about you.

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