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WOW – tabata anyone?

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

so the thanksgiving break was great…but i ate like crap.  everything that was in front of me went into my mouth.  you name it – pie, cookies, stuffing, potatoes, turkey, wilted spinach salad, everything delicious and fattening.  and it tasted awesome!  i don’t regret stuffing my face.  i do regret doing it over and over again with the leftovers…

but now it’s time to get back to work.  i’m sticking to my workout schedule this week.  i also went to the grocery store on sunday so that i knew i had only healthy things in my fridge.  i (roughly) planned my meals for the week and made a few lunches.  i’m trying to go gluten free for two weeks.  I listened to some podcasts on my trip to and from my parents’ house. I’m not convinced of anything, just intrigued. i’m all about trying things!  i’ve tried going mostly vegetarian (which i might go back to soon because i liked how i felt), cutting out processed foods (that went well and i’m still doing it), and pretty much every fad diet out there.  now it’s time to really figure out what my body needs.  i know that it doesn’t need pie at every meal and thanksgiving leftovers for four days.  it took my body days to get over that damage.  no joke.  it was not happy with me.  (why is moderation such a hard lesson to learn!?!?)

so i decided on monday (after a WEEK of not doing anything) that i needed a little asskicking to get the week off on the right foot.  i usually do HIIT on mondays but i needed an extra push this week.  so i did this 45 minute (s)HIIT workout from fitness blender.  you’ll need a mat and some weights for some of the circuits.  there is a 6 minute cardio warm-up followed by eight tabata circuits (20 seconds on, 10 off 8x for each exercise) and a 4 minute cool-down.  that tabata is killer!  but it did its job.  i was exhausted when i was done, but i had a better outlook on the week.  i’ll definitely do this one again.

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