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christmas is 3 weeks away!

so some Christmas traditions…

okay, so there’s the tree,  of course.  it’s just me so i have a little tree.  it’s pretty cute though.  i haven’t made it to hobby lobby for myChristmas/winter wreath stuff yet.  i’m planning that for this weekend!

my little tree…burlap, metals, and accents of red and blue.

each year growing up, we picked an ornament.  on the bottom of it, my mama would take a paint pen and write our names and the year.  most of the ornaments were so random like the coleman thermos (what??), but i recently rediscovered this one when we were putting up the big family tree after thanksgiving.  it was cool to see that even when i was six years old i was already loved school and was thinking about being a teacher.  the plan was for us to take them with us when we got older, but it’s kind of sad to take all of them.  so i just took a couple this year.

my ornament from 1990. age six.


my parents’ dog, charlotte. she’s such a sweetheart.
charlotte is exhausted from helping defend the tree from my sister’s insane puppy.

at some point during the holiday, we have a big family dinner at my dad’s parents house.  now that we’re all older, we’re usually missing a grandkid or two for some reason or another.  but it’s always a blast.  good food and great conversations.  one conversation with my uncle over the puzzle last year partially inspired my solo summer road trip.  we’re all spread out over Texas and Oklahoma so it’s pretty much the only time we all get together each year.  we usually have brisket or ham with all the sides.  my grandmother (and the rest of the women in my family) are great cooks.  then, we play games, do a puzzle (my personal fave), and of course, watch some sports on tv.

the whole clan minus one cousin.
the whole clan minus one cousin, december 2012

eating lots of pie and cake and cookies is pretty much always in the cards for any holiday.

we all watch “elf” and “love actually“.  i love both those movies.  we can pretty much quote “elf” word for word so i’m sure i’d be pretty annoying to be a fly on the wall for that one.  🙂  usually, we’ll go out for a movie too.

5 thoughts on “christmas is 3 weeks away!

  1. Your tree is so pretty! I love the ornaments idea and may start that next year with my son, when he’s old enough to pick an ornament. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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