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12.6 | high five for friday!

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(ONE) thanksgiving break was great.  i got to spend a few days with my family eating, laughing, watching movies, and catching up with each other.  i needed a little break…  good news, only two more weeks until christmas break.  bad news, only two more weeks until christmas break!  {i wrote about some christmas traditions earlier this week}  i got most of my christmas shopping done this week.  there’s just a few things i still need to get.

(2)  i got my food and fitness all ironed out again.  i went a little crazy during thanksgiving so it was hard to get back to it, but i did it.  the temptations are strong… that candy in my drawer at school for the kids’ birthdays, the delicious dining hall food, the rolos left over from the cookies i made a few weeks ago… but i’m conquering them.  little victories during the holidays are important, i guess!

(three)  i FINALLY paid off my student loan!  an early christmas present to myself.  i’m so excited and proud of myself.  it seems like it took forever!  in reality, it was more like seven years.  i’m glad to have that expensive monkey off my educated back.

(4)  i got this pic from my cousin the other day.  i’ve been making fun of the elf on the shelf pics and status updates on facebook and instagram all week so it seemed fitting. (i don’t care what anyone says…that elf is creepy.) so i went over to her house on wednesday for our weekly catch-up.  a cold front was blowing through that night.  her husband had bought some long underwear for the next few days because he works outside.  we decided to make her husband recreate it for us.  i promised not to show the photo we took of him, but suffice it to say that it was hilarious!  i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

elf on a shelf wrecking ball

(FIVE)  one of my kids at school showed me this video.  jimmy fallon and friends turn popular songs into holiday songs.  it’s so funny!  even though i hate christmas musicdue to over six years of working in retail in high school and college,  i enjoy this time of the year!

and in memory of the amazing nelson mandela, this quote…
nelson mandela quote

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5 thoughts on “12.6 | high five for friday!

  1. The best part of this post was that you paid off your student loan!! So jealous! Can’t wait to get that monkey off my back… working hard on paying those off asap!! Love that you are a teacher. Both of my parents teach. Also, love the photo making fun of elf on the shelf. I will probably jump on that bandwagon when my daughter is old enough to understand.

    New to your blog! Jill @

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