healthy living

real food. and not too much of it.

i ran across this image on pinterest the other day and it got me thinking…

eat real food

i’ve been trying to clean up my diet for the past month or so.  it’s hard.  i feel like i’m pretty motivated to get moving every day and work out.  but food still rules over me.  i crave crappy food sometimes.  i think sometimes that i have a crappy food addiction.  that i’m an addict for sonic hamburgers and arby’s sandwiches.  and i know there’s some truth to this!  i do actually believe in food addiction.

but here’s the thing… that food does nothing for my body.  it just makes me feel as crappy as the food is.  and this picture reminded me why.  that food is full of preservatives and other nasty stuff.  (i’m obviously not a scientist so don’t ask me questions.)  but the picture speaks a thousand words for me.

i do really well during the week, but when the weekend hits, it all completely falls apart.  regularly, i don’t cheat at all during the week.  i’m on a strict schedule, and i don’t have to work very hard to stay on it.  but the weekend… ugh.

so i’ve got to figure out how to make the work i do during the week roll over into the weekend.  i honestly don’t mind a couple cheat meals on the weekend.  but it seems like when i get to friday night, it’s like my stomach is like “it’s on!  everything deep fried and/or deliciously sweet needs to be in my mouth NOW!”  and my stomach rules until sunday afternoon when my head gets out of my ass and straightens everything out again.  i haven’t found that balance yet…

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