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finish the Christmas sentence…


1. my favorite Christmas was…around age 9 or 10.  it was the last real christmas with my grandparents on my mom’s side.  we got the giggles during the candlelight ceremony at church, someone put jingle bells on the dogs, an uncle was continuously telling corny jokes, the kids were running around the house, all the girl cousins wore matching dresses made by my nonnie (one of which infamously fell butt first in a box and got stuck while throwing a fit over me getting the pink doll!), i made a pie with my nonnie, the food was delicious, and it was amazing, pure familial chaos.
2. the worst Christmas i had…was the one where my three year old self knocked over my granddaddy’s antique clock.  this is a famous family story.  i don’t remember it, but apparently it was terrible.  i get to hear the story every single christmas.  that clock is now bolted to the wall.  i bet i inherit that thing just for the story.
3. that one gift that made me scratch my head and say, “hmmmm” was…a clown doll from one of my grandmother’s friends.  it freaked me the hell out.  its eyes followed me around the room.
4. one year i…want to spend christmas in australia.  it’s their summer time right now.  one year, my family went to california for christmas and it was one of the best ever.  australia would definitely be a fun vacation this time of year.
5. i think the worst gift to give is…socks or money.  no thought goes into either one of those.  i would rather have a smaller, cheaper personal gift than money, something to show that the person really cares.
6. at Christmastime i typically… spend hours doing a gigantic puzzle.
7. typically, family Christmas…is hilarious.
8. if i could change one thing about the holiday season…the holiday music and crazy people in all the stores. i can’t stand traditional music because of working in retail hell all through college.  and i’m at the point now that i might stab someone if i have to go to walmart one more time before Christmas.  what is it about the holidays that makes people insane?!?
9. it is so hard to buy for…my mom.  she refuses to say what she wants.  she always says, “i don’t need anything.”  well, that’s not the point, mama!  a gift is the point!  🙂
10. my favorite Christmas tradition is…annual ornaments.  i didn’t really get it until this year.  it’s pretty cool to look and see what i picked over the years.
11. santa, baby, bring me a …healthy and happy new year!  and a man.  i’ll take one of those if you have a spare one laying around in the workshop.  not an elf though.  they’re not really my thing.

4 thoughts on “finish the Christmas sentence…

  1. Hah! I love family stories about things you did before you were old enough to remember! Apparently, I smacked my cousin with a toy guitar when I was little and then went to sit down like nothing happened. I have no recollection of this, but I hear the story all the time.

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