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12.13 | H54F!

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(ONE) so…a deer plowed through a double-paned window and into our school on tuesday, hit a wall, and jumped right back out.  yeah, i work at a school in the country.  that was the most exciting thing to happen ever at our school. or so you would have thought.  haha!  we were all highly amused by the whole thing.  it lost a bit of fur and antler, but by all accounts the deer was embarrassed but okay.

deer crossing
look both ways before crossing this hallway. (someone put up “deer crossing” signs where the deer jumped through the window. cracked me up!)

(2)  television kind of blew me away this week.  first, bonnie and clyde.  yes, it was dramatized some, but not as much as you’d think!  i’ve always been a little fascinated by them because i had heard that my great-grandfather had run into them way back when.  it’s a terribly sad story from the start, but the mini series was great.  second, nashville.  whoa.  shit just got real.  and by “real”, i mean totally soapy.  and i’m loving it!  speaking of real… the real housewives of beverly hills.  i love these ladies because they make me feel like a normal and well-adjusted adult as i watch them argue over nothing and flip their hair into each others’ faces.

(three)  kacey musgraves finally made a video for “follow your arrow”.  i ADORE her entire album, but this song really stands out.

(4)  this ridiculous conversation with my cousin this week…


(FIVE) i had to redo my Christmas tree twice this week. why, you might ask? two mischievous kitties. here’s the end result. i got them back though. i watched the original, the ONLY Sound of Music and sang every song loudly for them. they were not amused. the lesson here is don’t be an asshole during the holidays.

my tiny little christmas tree
my tiny little christmas tree

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