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i got hit by the flu truck

remember how i talked about teachers getting sick in this teaching tip?  so this is going to sound totally dumb but…i never thought the flu would “get me”.  like it was some mythical thing that just happened to other people.  that i could somehow out run it every year or something.

well, it happened to me.

i was just chugging along, having a great week and then BAM!  friday hit and my body hated me.  it must have been mad at me and refused to defend me after 29 years against the flu virus.  thursday, i finished my workout and i was extremely tired afterward.  it wasn’t THAT hard of a workout.  i didn’t think too much of it though.  then i just tossed and turned all night.  i woke up feeling like crap.  all achy and cold.  still, i thought – i’ll be fine! i don’t get sick anymore!  it’s just a little cold.  it wasn’t.

everything was going so well last week, and then…the flu.

i left early from school to go to the doctor because i was so chilled and achy and getting worse.  come to find out, my regular doc closes early at three on fridays.  because of my excellent timing, i ended up pulling up right at 3 pm.  this genius just thought that i could show up whenevs because i usually get in whenever i want.  kind of a bratty move that backfired on me…

so i found myself in a waiting room at an urgent care center.  along with a ton of other sick people.  the nurse finally called me in after a long time waiting and stuck a giant Q-tip up my nose for a flu test.  i began crying (it was involuntary – it’s like getting gently punched in the nose if that’s even possible) and didn’t really stop.  {cue the sad piano music}  i cried on the way to the little room.  i quietly cried in the room and even on the way back into the waiting room.  i was so frustrated and tired and felt like shit.  i just wanted to be home under a blanket with my kitties.  it only took the nurse practitioner like five seconds to figure out that i had the flu, especially after the test came back.  THREE HOURS after arriving, i was out thedoor with a couple of prescriptions and was on my way to the pharmacy.  i have a ridiculously sensitive stomach so the first couple days were pretty terrible. me and the saltines became besties over the weekend.

Luca barely left my side. he can be sweet sometimes.
Liberty kept me company too.

i did have a weak moment on saturday morning after getting basically no sleep the night before when i began to feel a little sorry for myself.  every other woman i know has a man in her life to help and comfort her.  and i don’t.  i know there are friends i could call if i had to, but i don’t have that one person to be there for me.  i didn’t wallow for too long though.  i thought about that “sex and the city” epidode when Samantha gets sick and I started laughing. i realized that i can take care of myself.  i’ve done it for a long time and i can keep doing it.  and i’m finally on the mend!

take it from me, people.  you are not immune.  it can happen to you, too.

i think what pissed me off the most is that i had so many fun things i could have done this weekend.  and a lot of things i should have gotten done.  christmas and my sister’s birthday are right around the corner.  instead, i camped out on my couch with my gatorade, green tea, and soup watching corny and predictable holiday movies on the hallmark channel. grrr…  i officially hate the flu.

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