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10 things… i would do with a billion dollars.

i heard on the news the other day that the lottery will reach $1 billion by christmas if no one wins by then.  that’s a lot of money.  sure the government would take a big chunk of it, but still…

i don’t gamble.  it’s not my thing, but i did buy a lottery ticket last year around this time.  it’s it got me thinking about what i would do with that much money.

  • buy a house and new car
  • buy a cabin in colorado just cause
  • go on a TON of vacations
  • set up a fund for my sister chase to provide care for her later on
  • buy some really amazing clothes and shoes from my favorite designers
  • buy my parents a house with a big garage and sewing room
  • pay off debt and my sister’s student loan debt
  • set up a couple of scholarship fund for kids in need
  • go to culinary school and pay for it in full (i wanted to go when i was 18 but was understandably broke)
  • set up a no-kill pet shelter with big yards for the dogs to play in and enclosed outdoor areas for the cats

we were talking about this at school yesterday.  i think i would definitely keep it a secret.  you never know who would come out of the woodwork demanding money from you.  then, you could at least have some peace about it.  we also talked about quitting our jobs.  i think for the sake of the secret, i would keep my job at least until the end of the semester.  but who knows?  maybe i would just say “see ya” and hit the road.

i don’t know if i’ll play again.  it seems silly knowing the odds of winning, but maybe…

4 thoughts on “10 things… i would do with a billion dollars.

  1. I love your dreams! Thanks for sharing them! I always want to share stuff like this and feel like people would be too …. I don’t know critical? But I love reading other people’s. 🙂 Yours rock.

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