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12.20 | high FIVE for Friday!

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(ONE) this friday is extra special because christmas break starts today!   i was feeling a little down last night so i went out and drove around last night, looked at Christmas lights and listened to music. it was what i needed. i may have lost some sleep but luckily, today’s a half day.  basically, i just have to turn in my grades since i don’t have any official classes today.  and then two weeks off to spend with my family, relax, and get ready for next semester.  i’m taking a break from the blog next week, and then i’ll be back the week after.

(2)  i got almost all of my christmas presents wrapped and under the tree.  or beside the tree.  whatever.  my tree is small.  but the point is…it’s almost all done.  i even got myself a present.  i couldn’t resist!  thanks junk gypsy for these awesome texas t-shirts for this texas girl!


(three)  i got my december birchbox this week.  it was good!  i was most excited about the shampoo and conditioner.  i hate when i get tiny samples.  my hair is curly and fine…in other words, weird.  i need to use it a couple of times to see if it will work or not.


(4)  my beloved GSP retired this week.  well, kind of.  he said specifically that it would be an “indefinite leave of absence”.  maybe he’ll be back but i’m going to say, probably not.  just a couple more pictures of him before he goes…



(FIVE)  and while the country fervently debates free speech, right and wrong, religion, political correctness and all that…

peace green

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