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10 things…i want to do in the new year.

10 things I want to do in the New Year

well, we’re quickly approaching the end of 2013.  not the best year of my life.  haven’t had one yet.  but it’s definitely been one of the best.  i made some advancements at work.  i took care of myself better than in the past.  i also went through some shit and came out on the other side better than before.  i’ve learned more about myself and the people closest to me.  but i’ve still got quite a ways to go…

so as i go into 2014, i’ve been thinking about some personal goals i want to accomplish in this new year so that at the end of it, i can say – that’s the best one yet.  i want to:

  • continue to take care of myself physically by exercising 4-6 times a week consistently
  • continue to eat clean food for the most part and move closer to a consistent and healthy 80/20 ratio
  • continue to take care of myself emotionally, admit when i’m struggling, and deal with my anxiety head on
  • put myself out there more for new friendships and relationships
  • be open-minded and more confident in finding a relationship for myself with a man who supports the person i am today (and not putting it on the back burner for the person i wish to be in the future)
  • make more time for my creative side, like completing some projects, reading one novel and one nonfiction book each month, etc.
  • go to church more often
  • travel somewhere this summer for a week (i’ve been thinking about the american southwest or tennessee again)
  • move to a new apartment in july and decorate it into a home
  • build up my personal savings more

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