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WOW 1.1 – high intensity interval training

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

{note: skinny meg is taking a well-deserved break.  that girl has been rocking her way though her pregnancy and inspiring us all, but now it’s time for some maternity leave from WOW for her.  but i’m just going to try to keep up with my own WOW posts to keep myself accountable and reflective on how i’m doing!}


so it’s january first…

a brand new year.

another fresh start.

it’s time to get back to work.

i don’t like to go to the gym.  i choose to workout at home by myself.  i never could get into working out with other people, but maybe someday i’ll try it again.  i like to challenge me.  i like not having to worry about other people judging me even though i’m sure they’re thinking the exact same thing about me.  everyone’s got insecurities.  i like the way i can press the pause button for thirty seconds so i can catch my breath.  (i promise, i don’t do that often but i did do it on monday because after 10 days of not working out over the holidays, i am out of shape.  upside: i finished my workout!)

last january, i began getting healthy.  really healthy.  for like the first time ever.  i thought i was doing it right before, but it never really stuck.  i couldn’t ever figure out why it never stuck.

this past year was all about experimentation.  i tried just about every workout out there.  i tried new foods, new meal plans, new diets.  i’ll be honest…not all of them worked.  and some just didn’t work for me.

so this year, i’m going to go about it in a different way…  clean eating for 80/20 of the time.  i will try not to beat myself up about it when i don’t meet that ratio all the time.  i also will try my damnedest to not give up and binge when i realize i’ve veered temporarily off the path.  varied workouts from 30-60 minutes a day for 4-6 times a week.  i will make time for my exercise because it’s good for my physical and mental health.  that’s my plan.  it’s what i should have been doing the whole time.  it just took me a year to figure that out.  actually, it took me 29 years to figure that out.

one of my favorite types of workouts is HIIT.  or sHIIT as i call it from time to time.  it’s quick and it works.  the following workout is 28 minutes of high intensity interval training.  you might not think that 28 minutes is enough time to get in a good workout, but it totally is.  the “after burn effect” lasts longer with a shorter high intensity workout than with a longer workout.  i try to do at least two days a week of HIIT.  one of those days is usually a monday because i want to start the week off with a burst of energy with a shorter workout.

here’s to a new year and continued health!

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