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my 2014 goals visually

Our ambitions don’t have to be exciting to be meaningful, they only have to be clear.     -Donald Miller

i have never really bought into the whole “the secret” or the “vision board” thing.  it feels a little juvenile, but i was encouraged to try it so why not?  it took me a couple of hours to put this thing together, but it was kind of fun being a little creative and thinking about the year ahead.  i already wrote about my goals, but seeing it visually is different.  i divided it into five categories: body / mind / strength / drive / heart.  i then added quotes, images/phrases cut from magazines, and my own words.  i’m going to put it where i can see it every day to remind myself of what i want to work on and where i’m headed throughout the year.

2014 Goals Visually
my 2014 “vision board” (do i have to call it that???)
2014 Body Goals
my body goals
2014 Strength and Drive Goals
my strength and drive goals
2014 Mind Goals
my mind goals
2014 Heart Goals
my heart (relationship) goals

5 thoughts on “my 2014 goals visually

  1. I like that, clear but manageable goals. Not like painting the Sistine Chapel. My new year is one of the most hopeful I’ve ever had, starting with a brand new blog which debuted yesterday and more concrete plans for my year old one. I love life.

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