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1.3 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  the holiday break was great.  it was nice to see my family and spend some time with them.  it’s never enough, but i’ll take it.  we go back to school on monday.  i’m kind of dreading it because i’ve enjoyed the time off, but it’ll be good to get back to a routine again.

(2)  i made some goals for the new year.  it’s always a great time to make a fresh start!  i even made myself a stupid yet awesome vision board.


(three)  i spent new years eve with one of my best friends, holly and her husband kevin.  i always have a great time with them.  we hung out most of the night (and early morning!) in her husband’s “shop” drinking and dancing.  the night wasn’t without its drama, but i didn’t know any of those people so it was just a good show to me.  my hangover wasn’t even that bad.  i planned ahead…lots of water, eating every few hours, advil at the end of the night, stayed over at holly’s.  my planning paid off.

me and holly in the middle of our beer pong game. we sucked it up. especially when it was my turn. i got laughed at. i’m used to that by now though. 🙂
this sums up my relationship with holly. haha!
holly and kevin!

(4)  i got back to a more healthy lifestyle this week after going INSANE over the holidays.  i could not stop snacking and overeating!  i’m kind of glad it’s over so i have some structure again.  i’m much better with my routine.  i did learn something about myself though… i had a headache for a full week.  i think my body craves healthy food.  this is a good thing.  i’m sharing my january measurements on monday!

(FIVE)  there was a “happy endings” marathon on new years day.  i recorded the entire 3rd season, including the epic real world episode.  they decided not to release it on dvd so i didn’t think i’d ever see the show again.  seriously.  BEST. SHOW. EVER.  it’s like every line is quotable.  max always makes me laugh so much.




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2 thoughts on “1.3 | high five for friday!

  1. Happy Endings was the BEST show! Ugh, so sad that it’s not on the air anymore, but I think the Steak Me Home Tonight truck is real…I’m not sure though. I’m with you on detoxing post-holidays. They were so delicious but so disastrous to my waistline. So happy to have found another teacher!


  2. I love your idea for a vision bored! I need something like that to help me keep motivated with all my goals for the year! Thanksfor linking up with me today!

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