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measurements and goals | january 2014

i’m really weird about sharing my weight.  i’m sure it’s just my insecurity talking, but i just can’t say it out loud or share it.  at least not yet.  and forget about pictures.  nobody needs to see that.  but i will share my measurements!  i’ve gained almost 10 pounds since the beginning of november.  i started slacking off (and getting away with it with my accountability partner) and giving in to holiday temptations.  i can now see those extra pounds on my ass and in my boobs.  good lord!  so since i’m getting back to my routine, i took my measurements (and will each month).  i found this visual on pinterest to figure out where exactly to measure.  i’ve done it before but with only my chest, waist and hips.  now i’m doing all of these areas.  i’m interested to see what changes will occur between now and the first of february.  i am hoping for an inch difference all around, maybe more in some places.

where to measure


i have also decided to have a “word of the year”.  several people on instagram have shared theirs, and i like the idea.  it took me a long time to figure out what i wanted to choose.  but i decided on courage.   courage in my relationships, to change my body, and to be joyful no matter what happens over the course of the year.  i’m thinking i’ll write some more posts on this later on…

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