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teaching tip 29: enjoy your “time off”

i’m not gonna lie…one of the best things about being a teacher is the schedule.  every major holiday off.  spring break. winter break.  two months in the summer.  it’s awesome.

but for some reason, people who aren’t teachers have misconceptions about what teachers do during the year.  get ready for some annoying comments about it.  especially when you accidentally brag about it.  (try to keep that to a minimum.)

summers off

the thing is…you work really hard while school is in session.  this is not an 8-3 job.  that’s just when the kids are there.  you get there early and stay after school.  you take stuff home to grade.  you do lesson plans on the weekends.  it is far from an 8-3 job.  (that’s still going to be what non-teachers think though.  avoid arguing about this.  they don’t get it.)

so when you have a break:

  • do that cleaning around the house that you don’t have time for during the regular school week
  • run those errands you can’t run during the school day
  • hang out with your family
  • go on a cool vacation
  • take/audit a college class
  • have a movie marathon
  • volunteer at a local shelter
  • go to a museum for an afternoon
  • finish up some creative projects you’ve put on hold
  • find some fun activities to do locally
  • join a team or club over the summer
  • and so much more!

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