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1.10 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  back to school and back to my routine this week!  it’s a blessing and a curse… i kid.  i love my job.  it’s infuriating and annoying at times, but i still enjoy what i do.  it’s even fun sometimes.  i worked in a little “rolling stones” music into my economics lesson for today.  if observing a bunch of high schoolers watch a 1970s mick jagger strut around the stage in his tiny pants and crop top singing “you can’t always get what you want” isn’t fun, i don’t know what is.  🙂

(2)  i’ve been following @mommasgonecity on instagram for a couple of months.  nearly every day she posts a picture of her son and their newly adopted puppy napping.  it is the cutest thing ever.  it brightens my day every time i see them together.  it’s so fun to watch them both grow up side by side.  search for #theoandbeau for all the pics.  here’s an example:

so stinkin’ cute!

(three)  i got back on track with my food and exercise (mainly due to my routine – see number 1).  i even fit in a “workout” at fun jump on sunday afternoon.  so fun…so exhausting.  i was sore until wednesday morning for that one.  but it was worth it.  all my workouts this week were about 45 minutes and kicked ass.  i swore my way through them all, but i am glad i pushed it.  i needed it.

(4)  it’s that time again!  when all we talk about at school is our standardized testing.  at least we can have a sense of humor about it sometimes…


(FIVE)  i spent some time with my cousin this past week.  that’s always good for me.  and for her too, i think.  what i like about it is that there’s never any pressure to say or do anything.  it’s always just real and funny and comfortable.

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