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teaching tip 30. be careful. they can smell fear.

as you prepare for/experience your first few years of teaching, you need to know… they can smell fear.  they’re like little sharks in the water.  if they sense blood, they’ll attack.  and it’s not pretty.

try to be as confident as you can be.  preparation helps with this some.  if you know what you’re doing and where you’re headed, you will feel more calm and collected going into any situation that comes your way.

know that you will make mistakes.  but it’s hard to come back from a major misstep.  so be careful!  watch what you say and do.  your words and actions are powerful.  know that they will remember how you made them feel from the beginning.  sometimes, you can recover from it, but that may take a long time.  sometimes you can’t come back from it and it’s an uphill climb for an entire year.

learn all that you can about teaching, your subject, and your school.  keep an open mind about getting to know your students and in teaching them.  enjoy what you are doing.  when you’re wrong, admit it and move on.  live in the moment.  and above all, choose excitement over fear.

how you made them feel - quote

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