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1.17 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  it was kind of a tough week.    there were some really great moments and some really sad ones.  but i got through it and i’m on the other side of it all.  ready to move on.  by the end of the week, it was peaceful and joyful.

motivate yourself.

(2)  i have a new baby nephew.  okay, really he’s my cousin.  my mama’s sister’s son’s son.  confused?  i’m close to most of my cousins so it’s just easier to call all my cousins’ kids my nieces and nephews.  anyway, my cousin evan and his wife lindsay had a baby boy on wednesday morning.  they named him gavin fraser.  so cute.  i don’t know when it’s going to happen (they live in DC) but i can’t wait to see him and hold him!

baby gavin

(three)  my january birchbox was awesome!  the dry shampoo smells so lovely and works…okay.  it’s not as good as my cheap tresseme one so i took it to school to keep there when i need a little volume boost.  the toning peel is really strange when you’re using it, but the effect is good.  i haven’t tried the nail polish, but i’m thinking i might this weekend.  the body creams are so creamy and smell great.  i hate to eat coconut but i’ve grown to love the smell.  the teas are yummy!  they were gone in a couple days.  i also bought that mint shampoo and conditioner i got in my december box.  i absolutely love it.  it’s the first thing i’ve ever bought, and i wasn’t disappointed!

January Birchbox!

(4)  there were a lot of slow moments, but i had a great week at school.  i’m excited for the 3-day weekend.  i already needed a little break.  haha!  i have grand plans of a little early spring cleaning, a haircut, some kickass workouts, and a bit of down time.

(FIVE)  i did really well with my food and exercise this week.  i only treated (not cheated) a couple of times.  i lost a couple pounds in the past two weeks.  i’m just whittling away at that holiday weight gain.  i’m sore every damn day, but i already feel much stronger and healthier.

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5 thoughts on “1.17 | high five for friday!

  1. I also received the velvet nail polish in my January birchbox! I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet either, but I’m very intrigued by it. But overall I was pretty happy with my box too, and always love a full size nail polish sample 🙂

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