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1.24 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  this week had its ups and downs, but i was at least consistent with my health stuff.  my workouts and food were great.  i’m taking my new measurements next weekend so i’m hoping for some changes.  and i think i’ve finally kicked my stupid sinus headache and am feeling a ton better.  hallalujah!

(2)  cats + “mean girls” = awesome.

(three)  i went on a hike in the canyon on sunday.  it was so great to get outdoors.  the temperature was perfect – mid 60s.  and the wind wasn’t bad once we got down there.  we had a blast!

hiking in the canyon

(4)  i got to spend some time with some great friends in the past week. i’m grateful for the support, kindness, humor, and open ears they give me whole heartedly.  let’s just say that if i had to go to this school, i’d be in detention 24/7 because of all the inappropriate jokes we make.

that's what she said



if we had a club, this would be our shirt.

(FIVE)  i made chocolate chip cookie dip for cooking club today.  our theme was chips and dip so i did a twist on that since i knew the kids would bring classic savory dips.  (btw, our club only lasts about 30 minutes so we have the kids bring something easy and then just talk about cooking.)  my dip is yummy but SO sweet.  i can’t handle more than a bite or two.  thank goodness too because it’s basically just butter and sugar and cream cheese.  (here’s the recipe i used.)


butter carb gif

taylor @ a tattooed teacher in texas blog

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8 thoughts on “1.24 | high five for friday!

  1. that’s my biggest issue. i have got to figure out how to be more consistent…or at least find the motivation to be consistent. i stay at home with kaye and she exhausts me…but on the days i DO get on the treadmill i always have more energy…so i just need to do it. guh. good for you!! new reader! found you via the linkup!

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