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10 things…i thought during the Grammys last night

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i’m a sucker for an awards show.  mostly i watch for the fashion.  but there’s also those unexpected moments that are awesome to watch live and not hear about it from someone else.  so here are ten things about the grammys:

1.  Ringo and Paul reunited? Yes, yes, yes!!!

2. Pink’s body is incredible and so expressive. and her voice is amazing. she is a such a badass.

3.  sometimes when older, seasoned musicians band together for a special one time only performance it is awesome.  sometimes…not so much.

4.  Daft Punk is super duper weird. and i can’t tell if i like it or not.  are they weird because they’re french?  or are they just strange people?

5.  John Legend’s voice makes me melt.

6.  Pharell may be the most talented man on the planet.  but, dude, enough with the stupid hats.

7.  i’m so glad Kacey Musgraves won. she deserved it. her record has been the soundtrack of my life for the past year.

8.  Taylor Swift continues to annoy the crap out of me. girl, you gotta simplify your … everything.  chill out.

9.  Dave Grohl is an amazing musician.  i admire him but also want to hang out with him, which is what i say when i love a musician.

10.  what kind of character is madonna creating now?  she looks like the daughter of yosemite sam.

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