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1.31 | high five for friday!

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(ONE)  i am taking my measurements tomorrow.  i’ll post an update tomorrow.  i’m curious to see what progress (if any) i’ve made.  i feel better than the first of january but the scale hasn’t moved much.  i’ve been consistent this week with my food and fitness.  i feel super motivated and excited right now.  i feel like i did a few months ago.  this is a great thing.  i’m even going to do a squat challenge in february.  and i’m gonna kill it!

this is how i felt for the past month and a half. but i’m in control now!

(2) i had the opportunity to spend some time with my two best friends from school, kat and holly, this past weekend.  we went to a fundraising dinner for holly’s son’s soccer team.  then we went to the house mansion of one of their rich friends until 4 am.  everyone was really kind and fun.  i even got to play pool on the pool table from the movie, “tombstone”.  (i’m told by my guy friends that this is kind of a big deal.)  i haven’t done that kind of thing in forever, but i think it was needed.  although i paid for it the next day, i had a freaking blast.  i love those girls!


(three)  paul mccartney and ringo starr reunited for a song at the grammys.  it’s no secret that i’m a fan of the beatles.  it was exciting to see them perform together again even if it was just for a few minutes.  they don’t do that often so i just loved it.  here’s a list of my other nine thoughts on the grammys from earlier this week.

paul and ringo at the grammys

(4)  i spent some time with my niece, lylli, on wednesday evening.  she might be the coolest kid i know.  that girl cracks me up every single time i talk to her.  she’s so smart.  and i’m not just saying that because she’s my niece.  she really is smart.  and a smart ass.  my favorite kind of kid.  that little dork even conned me into buying one of her pet rocks.  lucky for her, i have a soft spot for googly eyes so that girl got a dollar, and “george washington” came home with me.



(FIVE)  the past few weeks were really difficult for me.  i was dealing with a lot of emotions swirling around in me.  but this week, i decided to CHOOSE to just deal with it and to quit letting it weigh me down.  i have kept running this phrase though my head… you can’t change the world – you can only change yourself.  and you know what?  it works!  i am CHOOSING to carry the load in a positive and joyful way for my own health and happiness.


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