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measurements and goals | february 2014

i had a slow start to my january.  but once i got going, i was able to push myself.  i know i’m gonna kill it in february.  i can just feel it.

here’s my measurements from february 1st:


here are the changes from january to february:

  • chest = 0
  • bust = -.5
  • waist = -1.5
  • arms = +1
  • midway = -2
  • hips = -4
  • thighs = -1
  • knees = +.5


*i use the measurement chart from this post.

overall, i’m happy with my progress.  i worked hard in january and lost four pounds the healthy way.  i never gets easier but it does get to be more of a habit the longer i do it.


1.  i’m going with my goal from january again for february.  i would like to lose an inch all over again.  let’s get to work, bitch!
2.  jillian michaels has been and probably always will be my fitness guru.  i love that bitch.  i just ordered this book and received it. i’m still on the first chapter (it’s a long one on food), but i’m excited to get into it and learn more.

click pic for link to amazon

3.  i have also decided to do this squat challenge for february.  now, since there are only 28 days this month, i’m going to obviously have to go into march for two of those days.  hopefully, this challenge goes better than my plank challenge.  my wrist is still sore, and it’s been eight months.  i think there’s less chance of me hurting myself this time around, and i’m stronger.  i’m excited!

squat challenge

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