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WOW 2.5 – upper body strength workout

workout wednesday with tattooedteacherintexas and hosted by skinnymeg!

i haven’t “cheated” on my food in over a week (besides one chocolate shake from sonic and a meal at school).  my workouts are going really well.  not too many complaints or concerns there right now.  i’m still modifying through elevation for burpees and moving to my elbows for planks due to my stupid wrist.  it still works though!

so far, i’m sticking with my squat challenge, which is a part of my february goals.  it’s not too difficult…yet.  i think once i get to the end of the month, i’ll have to split them up over the course of the day.

drop it

this 37 minute fitness blender workout works your entire upper body (arms, shoulders, chest, and back).  there are five circuits of upper body exercises (repeating once) with 60 second cardio bursts in between.  warm-up and cool down included.  this is a great workout!  your heart rate is up the whole time due to the cardio.  it works all of your upper body.  if you do the reps slowly and with heavy weights, you will be SO sore the next day (in a good way).  enjoy!

{note: skinny meg is taking a well-deserved break.  that girl has been rocking her way though her pregnancy and inspiring us all, but now it’s time for some maternity leave from WOW for her.  but i’m just going to try to keep up with my own WOW posts to keep myself accountable and reflective on how i’m doing!}

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