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a fish from the beginning

tomorrow, i’m heading a couple hours south to meet my mom, sister, and dad for his regional swim meet.  this year, he went back to being a high school swim coach.

swimming has such a special place in my heart.  i learned to swim at a young age.  as a baby, in fact.  my parents had me in the water early.  i don’t even remember a time when i didn’t know how to swim.  i taught swim lesson in college and it always amazed me to see children (and adults) who were scared of getting in the pool.

there’s a sense freedom in the water, feeling weightless and graceful.  i have fond memories of going to swim meets as a kid two watch my dad’s teams, often with my cousin lauren in tow.  we had such a good time just hanging out at those meets.


i never had a desire to swim competitively.  i probably could have done club swimming but i never wanted to.  i didn’t even learn proper technique until i got to high school when i joined the team.  that may seem kind of weird, but my dad never taught me.  he told me later that he never wanted to push me or be “that dad”.  so i had some catching up to do…

luckily, my coach was also my “grandma bev” who had been coaching forever.  she was my dad and uncle’s coach when they were in high school.  i remember going to her pool as a kid.  we would swim all day and she’d give us snow cones.  she was a very patient coach.  i’m sure she probably wondered why i was behind, but she never voiced it.  i picked up everything quickly, but i was never that good.  the thing is… i never really cared to be.  unless we’re playing a board game, i am pretty much the least competitive person.  it makes me nervous.  i loved practice, but i dreaded meet days.  i swam for two years until my AP classes and concert choir time took over my schedule.  i have wonderful memories of my team.


i don’t swim much anymore.  i have a gym membership, and i swam there a few times.  i couldn’t get back into it for some reason.  i always think about it though.  maybe i’ll start swimming again and stick with it come summer time.  in the meantime, i can’t wait to see some swimming in action again.  i know i’ll cheer for my dad’s new team, but they are my high school’s bitter rival.  it just seems wrong.  i’ll have to get in some cheers for my high school’s team when no one’s looking.  go coogs!

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