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your parents are not perfect, and they’re not supposed to be.

as kids, children often put their parents on a pedestal.  they can do no wrong.  they lead the way to your future.  they don’t make mistakes.  dads, especially for little girls, hold a special place in their lives.  dads are important because they teach their daughters what a man should be in their lives.  sometimes, dads cannot be that man for their daughters for whatever reasons.  but my daddy was a good example in a lot of ways of what i want in a future husband.

as children get older, they learn slowly that their parents are not perfect.  they are real people with emotions, pasts, feelings, needs and wants.  they don’t lose them when they become parents.  all of those things change over time, just like they do for the children.

sometimes, this brings the adult children closer to their parents.  and sometimes, it creates a rift.

for me, it brought my parents and me together.  as a teenager, i was hellion.  i said and did hateful things to them.  i’ve since realized how hurtful that was to our relationship and have apologized over and over.  now as adults, we are on the same level, so to speak.  we’re more friends and confidants than parents and child.  but they’re still my mama and daddy.

just like i make mistakes, i’m learning that my parents make mistakes.  they’re still learning and growing as human beings.  they continue to create the lives that they want for themselves.

this is a difficult lesson to learn for every child.  but fortunately, i have amazing parents.  i’ve accepted that they’re not superheroes, that they’re normal people like me.  i know that they’ll figure it out.  there will always be a new and different challenge around the corner, but i know we’ll get through it because we love each other.  we care about our family, and we put it first.

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