teachin' school

teaching tip 33. be a team player.

in your first year or so of teaching, you may feel like an island.  but there is support out there for you if you look for it.  you can find it online in other teachers’ blogs. you can find it in your next door neighbor at school.  you can find it in a mentor.

those first two years, i found it in the four women in the surrounding rooms in my hallway.  two of them were social studies teachers like me, the other two were english teachers.  we all had different levels of experience.  it didn’t matter.  we leaned on each other for different reasons, but we were supportive throughout the years.  try to find a group of positive teachers like this to keep around you.

most of the time, you’ll be a part of some kind of preset team or department.  you may or may not get along with these people.  be warned.  not all teachers are going to be a part of the team.  try not to let them negatively influence you.  you don’t need that.  embrace the team.  work toward your common goals no matter what.


then, build a group around you that is supportive, kind, and understanding.  find teachers that make you laugh, let you borrow their ideas, and give you new ones.  play your part, too.  give as much as you can.  you’re new to the game, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have something to contribute.

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