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sweat and tears are healing waters…

“sweat and tears are healing waters”.  – abby rike

i watched the entire “biggest loser” season this year.  the internet has been all aflutter because there’s been some controversy about the winner, rachel.  i will say…i didn’t see that coming.  when we last saw her on the show, she was all muscle and grit.  she had dealt with her emotional issues and won the triathlon.  but she came out on the finale looking skinny and weak.  it was kind of sad.  that was my first thought.  a few years ago, i probably would have thought – wow! that’s amazing!  but i know better now.  hopefully, she realizes what is going on with her and her body and fixes it.

biggest loser
left: beginning of rachel’s journey / middle: makeover week toward the end of the show / right: finale night, about 2 months after makeover week

but i can see how it happened.  that’s a lot of money at stake, especially for a young woman with college loans and adult expenses.  and losing weight can be addicting and powerful.  i understand that that’s probably what happened with rachel.  she got tunnel vision for a stack of cash and a new body.  and she won the game.  period.

is it weird that i think she looks the prettiest and healthiest in the middle photo?  i don’t think so.  yes, she was still a little overweight, but she looks happy.  i think the most shocking thing about her finale photo was the look in her eyes.  she was forcing a smile on her face, trying to convince herself that she was happy.

but rachel’s story is not what i took away from “the biggest loser” season.  there was a past contestant that came on toward the end of the season.  when she was on the show, she had just lost her husband and child in a car wreck.  she was a mess, as anyone would be.  but she faced it and moved forward.

while talking to the current contestants, she said, “sweat and tears are healing waters”.  she learned through her struggle that you have to face your grief, anger, and fear to move on.  she also learned that working out and taking care of your body is good for you.

i’ve had my own struggles with my weight and emotions.  but a while back, i realized why i NEED to workout.  i think her words, and especially that quote, reminded me that i need to get focused again.  it’s good for me.

yeah, it’s not exactly realistic for the every day person, but “the biggest loser” is still inspiring to me.  i like hearing the people’s backstories.  they’re just regular people.  they get the opportunity to spend a part of their lives at a special place with planned meals and exercise, but they still do the work. they move past their backstories to the other side.  the trainers are one of the big reasons why i watch the show.  they’re just great.  i love bob and his sweet heart.  dolvett is so calming and wise.  jillian just kicks your ass and builds you back up.  here’s some of my fave quotes from this season…

One thought on “sweat and tears are healing waters…

  1. Hi. Firstly I apologise that I’m posting so long after you wrote this piece. The reason is because the USA BL is only up to Season 12 on Sky TV (UK) so I have been watching online instead and have just finished Season 15.

    I found this season so inspiring. Although it wasn’t as dramatic without the usual voting process and the backstabbing and cliques that usually form, but it was generally “nicer” to watch. It was interesting to focus just on the participants stories without all the usual drama and nastiness. David learning to deal with his grief for example.

    The quotes you have posted were fantastic reminders for me. I have had a terrible 18 months or so with ill health, some things have improved whilst other issues remain. Which means I cannot play football or work out at the gym at the high intensity that I used to. I am still trying my best to exercise through it all though. The 2 quotes that had stuck with me the most was Abby’s “sweat and tears are healing waters” (I literally welled up when I heard her say that! – Soft I know!) and secondly was Jillians “How” and “Why”. Very inspiring stuff.

    Oh yes and overall Rachel, although not my favourite contestant, was always destined to win for 2 reasons: 1) her incredible desire and determination and 2) her former body shape from not too many years previously. She was more prediposed to be be in good shape than the rest of the contestants (if you look at the pictures shown of her before the weight gain) due to her DNA and “muscle memory”. I agree with you that she looked a little too skinny at the final, and that this would have been purely to win the competition. I’m sure she is a more healthy weight now.

    Thanks for your article, it was an uplifting read.

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