teachin' school

teaching tip 34. keep it light.

i’ve already talked about how humor goes a long way with the kids and other teachers.  but you need to know something else too… keep it light.  don’t take yourself, your colleagues, or the kids too seriously.  this will help you from getting too stressed.

yes, we’re responsible for a ton of stuff.  but if you don’t take a step back and laugh at how ridiculous your job is sometimes, you’ll get overwhelmed and maybe a little bitter.  but if you choose to keep it light, you’ll save yourself a lot of anxiety and tension.

i remember my first and second years of teaching as being very stressful.  i worked too hard.  that may sound strange, but you just can’t work too hard.  you have to take time to enjoy your job, laugh about an inside joke , and share a funny story.

so for example, when a fellow teacher texts you a picture like this one afternoon while you’re grading papers and writing lesson plans, you don’t worry about the student’s spelling skills.  you laugh about it.  because it’s funny.  and there are a lot of funny things you’ll run across being a teacher.


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