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getting outside

i spend most of this past saturday out at the canyon again.  you don’t waste 80 degree weather in february in west texas.  you get out there and enjoy it!

so i suggested my cousin, her daughter, and i take a long hike to the Lighthouse, a beautiful geological formation in the canyon.  the hike is about 6 miles roundtrip.  however, we started in the wrong place, only about a quarter of the mile down the road, because this social studies teacher apparently can’t read a map!  so we ended up doing about 9 miles altogether.  but we had fun.  we walked, hiked, and climbed for nearly four hours straight.  needless to say, we were exhausted by the end, but we had a blast and still got in a great workout.

about the point that we realized we were on the wrong trail but still having fun.


sometimes west texas can be beautiful. i love those formations and all the colors.
finally on the right trail!
i love this picture! thanks to the kind woman who offered to take our picture all together.
almost there! (insert dirty joke about the shape and size of the Lighthouse from this angle)
at the top of the hill staring up.
after a scary climb up, i had to take a pic at the top!
view from the top!

11 thoughts on “getting outside

  1. That looks like a fun hike.

    Not to brag, but we are having some amazing whether this whole winter here in Southern Cali. Glad you got to enjoy some too!

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